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Discover your path to excellence! Find out how you can take back control of your life and how to live with passion and joy.

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The only great life is one that is created day by day. Passively expecting the world to make your life all it can be will leave you tied up, frustrated and dispassionate. Make some changes today!

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Learn to experience life as it happens by being a part of something outside yourself! Join us for live events to empower your passion.

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I have been around Entertainment Hypnosis shows for many years and was always impressed by hypnotists being able to hypnotize people in a large public setting. I was always a bit curious about hypnotism in a professional private setting. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed working with Ron Soderstrom and being hypnotized on a regular basis to reduce stress and focus on weight release.
After the first session, I was completely energized and motivated and the effects were felt for days afterwards. I would recommend working with Ron on any area of self-improvement that someone is trying to achieve. He really knows how to zero in and help you focus thru hypnosis on how to positively reach your desired goals.

Sincerely, Annette V. Leftheriotis

Mental Training and Life Coaching

Owner, Ron Soderstrom C.Ht. is Fiercely dedicated to assisting you on your health and fitness journey!

Helping you to achieve greater happiness and stress free lifestyles.

Enabling you to enjoy the exhilarating benefits of healthy living.

Are you looking to change your eating habits and attain your desired weight?

Is there a performance goal, whether athletic or in the performing arts, that you want to accomplish?

Would your overall day to day life be so much better without stress?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!


Ron Soderstrom – hypnosis coach

Want to learn about hypnosis?

Read my frequently asked hypnosis questions page.

About Ron Soderstrom

As a long time athlete and performer, the necessity for the right mind set has always been obvious.

It became an obsession for me. The quest to continually better myself evolved into many fields of thought and physical practices. Seeing and feeling the results, I decided to share them with as many people as I can. Even now, I never cease to expand my knowledge base. Gathering more resources to utilize in helping others.

Each and every one of us has an exceptional life to live. If your ready to take yours to new limits

contact Ron today.

Customers Matter

Ron is extraordinary! My experience with Ron was feeling completely safe and listened to. I felt he really understood me, without judging me. After our sessions I feel so happy & vibrant. I highly recommend Ron to anyone who is ready to achieve the dreams!

Thanks, I. Wilkinson

Sports Hypnosis Coaching

runners sports hypnosis training
Sports hypnosis performance training is something every professional athlete does whether they realize it or not. If you have ever seen a golfer take a deep breath and close their eyes before taking a swing or a put, you have witnessed hypnosis training in action. Or if you have ever watched a dancer prepare for a routine, you probably noticed him or her close their eyes and move rhythmically in one place as he or she reviewed each move in their mind’s eye. This is hypnosis training.

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Slender For Life Hypnotherapy Weight Loss


If you are like most people and struggle to lose weight, hypnotherapy may be your answer. For many people, food is an attempt to find pleasure or release from stress. It is often a person’s mind that is more of the cause of unwanted weight gain than problems with their anatomy. Our lives are ruled by habits and habits are stored deep in our subconscious minds and require no thought for them to manifest themselves. Habits are our first choice of action. So if you feel stressed, your instinct may tell you to eat something you find enjoyable even when you don’t require the food energy. Eating becomes a pleasurable food habit instead of a means to fuel the body to action.

Hypnosis attempts to put you in contact with your subconscious mind so that you can change your deepest ingrained habits. Treating the sources of unnecessary eating habits makes lifestyle changes much more possible.

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Feeling Out Of Control? You Are Not Alone


How many distractions compete for your attention each day? Everyday our lives are bombarded with choices and demands. Never before have people been given so many options to own things they don’t need, take on commitments that are not theirs and receive demands that are almost not possible to compete. Add in family, pets and work and the stress load can rise.

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Hire The Show

Are you looking to add fun and excitement to your event?

Does giving your guests a one of a kind experience sound good to you? One that they’ll never forget.

Instead of only offering your friends and audience an act to watch, give them the opportunity to be the Star of the show. All the while gaining experiences they will carry with them for a lifetime. By hiring Ron Soderstrom for your next event you have the resources to do just that!

While happily being part of your hypnosis show, your guests will get to enjoy a whole different level of entertainment. And who gets the credit? You! Expect people to be eagerly waiting for your next celebrations!

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My experience with Ron Soderstrom is priceless. He gave me the tools to use in my life to deal with a parent that has had a major stroke and I felt guilty , helpless and not to mention mad. He put me through series of hypnotic sessions and spoke to me about my feelings, and for some strange reason when I awoke and throughout the next few days and weeks my thoughts were slowly changing.Ron had helped me change my life around, and I Am a firm believer in hypnotherapy.

Sincerely, A.J.S.