Improving Your Team with Improv!

Great functioning teams make for great functioning companies. And great teams need training opportunities to always top up their progress tanks. If you haven’t considered  improv group training, now is your chance to learn more.

Improv training will help remove barriers between team members, it will foster improved friendships and will lead to better group dynamics. Improv training has been a favorite of both large and small companies alike for decades because it works!

Past Workshops

Confidence Through Improv Saturday February 20th

Are you ready for more confidence in your business, speaking, and relationship skills?improv workshop feb 20
Will having more joy and laughter in your day,
Be something to look forward to?
If so. Come attend the fun filled,
“Confidence Through Improv” workshop
Presented by Ron Soderstrom
At The Specific Chiropractic Center in Lihue
2959 Umi St #202, Lihue, HI
February 20th. 10 am – 12 noon
$10 admission
Discover how to apply the skills of Comedy Improv to improve your professional and personal life.
You can be surprised at how much 2 hours of fun can impact your bottom line.
There will be a ton of information squeezed into this time.
So come prepared to Learn and Laugh. We won’t have a minute to spare!
There is a 10 person limit to ensure you receive the most out of your workshop.
The first 10 to private message will be accepted.
Still inquire even if the amount going on the page is higher.
There may be the unforeseeable occurrence that some are unable to make it.

-Special Bonus-
Attendee’s will also receive an insider deal for the upcoming Comedy Hypnosis Show, “Welcome To Paradise”
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What You Learn

When it comes to communicating with team members and clients, how will you most want to feel?

  • Confident?
  • More Focused?
  • Greater at ease?

These and and many more benefits are learned through the art of Comedy Improvisation.

    • Improved Listening and Observation Skills.
    • Team Development Abilities.
    • Better Decision-Making.
    • Enhanced Public Speaking Skills.


Ron, your coaching class today was GREAT! You had great ways to get us to interact and make it FUN!!! The main thing I learned for myself today was how I put obstacles in my way that keeps ME from moving forward and it is because I lacked the CONFIDENCE in myself in certain areas! People often do not see they are their own anchor in life and instead we blame others for not moving forward or we are full of excuses! We just need to get a life jacket and JUMP IN!!! Thank you so much for today and I really enjoyed meeting the others who joined the class today as well!

Appreciatively, Wendy Cowan

Team Building and Flexibility




Thank you Ron for the fun and insightful workshop Confidence through Improv. I really enjoyed the games and the experience of going through the inherent emotions when facing something new with uncertainty, and coming out the other side with a heightened sense of liberation. For me, the games, and discussion were helpful in altering and breaking linear patterns of thinking and function, discovering more flexibility in how I respond to situations… and with more confidence!

Mahalo, Victor C,

Techniques taught in Improv encourage you and your team to be more open and flexible.

One of the most important aspects you will be taught, is saying “Yes, and”.

Whenever we have conversations with people, the easiest way to cut off communication is to say “no” to ideas that are being presented. It drains the creative energy. Rapport diminishes. And time is needed to re-establish that link.

By saying “Yes, and” you keep the interaction moving and additional ideas can easily be presented.

For instance. If during one of our trainings someone says “That’s a very blue dog”.Rather than rejecting the suggestion, you can say, “Yes, and the painter may gain a lot more notoriety by having it as a moving mural canvas”

Consider how much more smoothly your days will look when you are in constant rapport with those around you. When your co workers are more productive due to the ease of discussions. The more this is practiced, the more it affects all the interactions in your life.

By removing fears of rejection, your business flourishes. What will happen when you hear more ideas that improve conditions at your workplace?
Relating to:

  • Cost and time savings
  • Client relationships
  • Overall moral



Now. If you are looking to see more creative solutions being produced, You are in the right place!

Many of the Top Corporations are utilizing Improv workshops for this. A quick Google search will show you a plethora of these.

Ford,  Blue Cross /Blue Shield,  Hilton Worldwide,  and Cisco, to name  just a few.

At its core, Improv is about exercising your imagination. Allowing the doors of your mind to be thrown wide open. To listen to your brilliant inner voice. The part that holds all your past learnings and experiences for your benefit.

This can give you:

  • The ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.
  • Ability to solve problems in new and different ways.
  • Spontaneity and ability to present without preconceived ideas.
  • And More!

Stress Relief

Here’s the most surprising, yet beneficial aspects of our workshops.

All the stress relief you will enjoy!

As we through the workshops together, worry’s and anxieties will slip away.

When you no longer worry about the  “What If’s”.

  • “What if I look silly?”
  • “What if I’m not perfect?”And instead focus on the positive aspects,

“How can I bring out more of my Unique knowledge into this interaction?”

You will discover a much more exuberant version of you and your fellow workers!

Your Improv Trainer


Ron Soderstrom C.Ht.

After spending years as a high intensity athlete, Ron Soderstrom C.Ht. turned his focus to the performing arts.

Entertaining countless people with a variety of acts. Including Comedy Improvisation, Stage Hypnosis Shows  and Aerial Acrobatics, of them all,  Improv showed its value way beyond the  factors it’s known for.

Seeing how it increased people’s confidence. Their abilities to think faster on their feet.

Improving their lives overall.

Ron choose to implement it into his Wellness and Performance Coaching business.

Offering the skills it takes to light up the stage, Ron teaches you and your group how to be more successful in life, and in business.

Contact Ron Today, to set up your next workshop!

Phone: (808)639-1603