The Extra Mile

Taking time to doubt will decrease performance.

Doubting always decreases performance because it will stop you from giving your all. Having doubt will cause your mind to stop achieving and start searching for alternatives. You need all your mind and body to excel.

Courage Wins

Winners believe in themselves and don’t back down.

Learning to believe strongly in yourself is something not everyone gets to enjoy. Often past experiences can haunt your performance and keep you from achieving. Sports hypnosis can help you discover hidden mental road blocks and allow you to remove them.

Straight Shot

If you have ever competed, you know about distractions.

Mentally preparing yourself for competition is essential! Every new meet means hundreds of new distractions competing for your attention. Hypnosis training can help you practice managing distractions so that when the time comes, you can succeed.

Sports Hypnosis Coaching

Sports hypnosis coaching performance training is something every professional athlete does whether they realize it or not. If you have ever seen a golfer take a deep breath and close their eyes before taking a swing or a put, you have witnessed sports hypnosis coaching training in action. Or if you have ever watched a dancer prepare for a routine, you probably noticed him or her close their eyes and move rhythmically in one place as he or she reviewed each move in their mind’s eye. This is sports hypnosis coaching.

Only When The Mind And Body Are One

runners-hypnotherapy-coachingIf you think back on a time in your life when your abilities were spot on and your performance was spectacular, you probably would notice that your mind and body were acting as one and that it required very little thought on your part. In fact, you may notice that your best performance is when you actually think the least and just allow things to happen. So what is happening?

You practice something to store new information into your brain and into your muscle memory. That part of your performance requires a great deal of conscious thought so that you can improve on what you are doing wrong and note what you are doing right. This is when as-perfect practice is so important. Avoiding unwanted muscle and mind movement habits are essential for creating a solid memory for movement.

Conscious Mind Gets In The Way of Performance

The magic moment arrives when you no longer need to think consciously to perform. This is when the mind and body act as one through subconscious thinking. Have you experienced this state before? If you drive a car or walk home on the same path everyday, you have most likely been in this state on and off every day. Have you ever driven home only to arrive wondering how on earth you got there because you were completely focused on something else? This is the absolute state of pure performance and is what professional athletes often obtain on demand. Sports hypnosis coaching can help you obtain it on demand as well.

You Need to Do It 10,000 Times to Be an Expert

You may have heard the saying that you need to do something 10,000 to be an expert at it; whether it is playing an instrument, playing a sport like tennis or even learning a language. Repetition is essential for memory gain. Sports hypnosis coaching training can help because you can practice an action in your mind as well as with your body.

Learning self-hypnosis is the same as a deep mediation in which you can remove unwanted thoughts. It allows you to review your routine in a clear and concise manor which can help solidify it in your memory for later recall. If you cannot think it, you won’t be able to do it. The clearer you can picture it, the better your routine will be. Self-hypnosis can be used to master any achievement by adding to your 10,000 time count.

Consciously Self-Hypnotize Once, The Next Time Is Easier

meditate-young-girl-grassIf you have ever tried to master meditation, I am sure you found it exceptionally difficult to keep your mind focused or to even stay awake. This is mostly because your mind does not consciously understand what it is like to be in a self-induced hypnotic trace. Generally, hypnotic trances only happen when we are not aware of them, like driving home and not remembering any of the details of how you got there.

The value of working with a hypnotherapist through sports hypnosis coaching training is that I can help you get into a deep hypnotic state so that you can recognize what it feels like to be in that hypnotic state. Once you consciously understand being in that hypnotic state, it will be easier to identify it as your goal. Generally only after a few hypnosis sessions, you should be able to take yourself into the hypnosis state on your own. Having been in the hypnosis state makes it much easier to get there again.

Learn to Conquer Distractions With Sports Hypnosis Coaching

Another benefit of hypnosis training is that it can help put you in control of your thoughts. Often negative unwanted thoughts of self-doubt or previous negative memories can block successful thinking. You only have so many brain cells and if you are dedicating many of them to unwanted thoughts, you are leaving less for mastering your performance.

As a sports hypnosis coach, my job is to help you on your terms discover your mental road blocks and to help guide you to finding a way to overcome them or to think about them differently. Often a simple change of perspective on a deeper level is all that is needed to remove a negative repetitive thought. Once the mind doesn’t see something as a threat, it tends to let it lose. This all leads to being able to master your focus and thoughts more efficiently and productively.

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