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“Over time we gain many habits, ideas, and points of view that can either thrust you forward or hold you back. Sometimes we need help of others to reawaken and reinforce our strengths and allow us to purge cycles that keep us from our highest expression. That’s what Ron does. His coaching allows you to tap into your inner guidance so that you are better able to express who you are. Ron is someone who you would want to consider making a consultation with and see if he can help you take it to the next level.”

Dr. B

Sports Hypnosis Training

Sports hypnosis performance training is something every professional athlete does whether they realize it or not. If you have ever seen a golfer take a deep breath and close their eyes before taking a swing or a put, you have witnessed hypnosis training in action. Or if you have ever watched a dancer prepare for a routine, you probably noticed him or her close their eyes and move rhythmically in one place as he or she reviewed each move in their mind’s eye. This is hypnosis training.

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Slender For Life Hypnotherapy Weight Loss


If you are like most people and struggle to lose weight, hypnotherapy may be your answer. For many people, food is an attempt to find pleasure or release from stress. It is often a person’s mind that is more of the cause of unwanted weight gain than problems with their anatomy. Our lives are ruled by habits and habits are stored deep in our subconscious minds and require no thought for them to manifest themselves. Habits are our first choice of action. So if you feel stressed, your instinct may tell you to eat something you find enjoyable even when you don’t require the food energy. Eating becomes a pleasurable food habit instead of a means to fuel the body to action.

Hypnosis attempts to put you in contact with your subconscious mind so that you can change your deepest ingrained habits. Treating the sources of unnecessary eating habits makes lifestyle changes much more possible.

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Feeling Out Of Control? You Are Not Alone


How many distractions compete for your attention each day? Everyday our lives are bombarded with choices and demands. Never before have people been given so many options to own things they don’t need, take on commitments that are not theirs and receive demands that are almost not possible to compete. Add in family, pets and work and the stress load can rise.

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Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a relaxed state., One where the portion of your mind that subconsciously directs your thoughts and actions is accessible to make positive and life enhancing changes. This is the same part of your mind that regulates your breathing, your heartbeat, and all the other involuntary process’s your body does. It’s also the same part that controls our emotions. whether they be happy or sad. Confident or fearful. Through hypnosis you can make the choices of how you react to different situations. Eliminating fears, phobia’s, and unhealthy habits.

When is hypnotherapy useful?

When you want to change an unhealthy habit, phobia, or relieve stress.
And even when you want to increase your confidence and abilities for work and sports performance. The actions we take in life and how we see the world around us, all stems from our thoughts. To change your world, you first need to change your thoughts.

Is it dangerous?

No. Hypnosis is something that everybody experiences many times throughout the day. Hypnosis is a state of intense focus that is often referred to in the sports world as being in the zone. The most common occurrence people recognize is driving down the road for miles. But being so caught up in thought they don’t remember the drive at all. Yet they still did everything that kept them safe .

Who can be hypnotized?

Everybody can be hypnotized on the condition that they want to be. It also dependent on if a person is able to concentrate and focus.

How do I know if I can be?

The easiest way to recognize if you’ve been in hypnosis is to think about a time you’ve been watching a movie. And if you’ve become so involved in it, you felt emotionally connected in some way. Being happy, sad, scared, etc. You focused so intently on the story you entered a state of hypnosis.

Will you be able to control me under hypnosis?

No. The only control a hypnotist has over their clients is what the client is willing to give. A person will never do or say anything in hypnosis that they otherwise wouldn’t with someone they trust.

Can hypnosis be a quick fix?

All cases vary. Most phobias are created by a sudden scenario. Example: a person finds a spider in their clothing and from then on can become terrified by them. By changing a persons thought patterns the phobia can be reversed just as fast. But again, all cases vary.

What does it feel like to by hypnotized?

Being hypnotized is usually described as being very calm, clear, and relaxed. It’s a state where you can release all your stress’s, worries, and anxieties. It’s similarly described as meditating. Only it’s easier because a professional guides you in.

What happens in a session?

As in any professional office, all your information will be taken and your situation will be fully evaluated. You will be asked to sit or lie down comfortably. You will be guided into a peaceful state that is the same as when you are almost asleep. At that time the process will begin with you having positive and life enhancing suggestions being made to you and with you. At the end of a session, you will be woken up feeling as if you’ve rested for hours.

What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state that everybody experiences on their own throughout the day. Hypnotherapy is using that state to make positive and life enhancing changes.

Does everyone respond to hypnotherapy?

Yes, If they are accepting to the process. But again, all cases vary.

Once I have been hypnotized, it is easier for me to self-hypnotize?

Most definitely. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. In sessions with a professional, you are guided so you can access this state intentionally. After the experience, it’s much easier to do it on your own because you have already done it.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies. Some issues can be dealt with in one session while others may take multiple sessions. Progress is always on an individual basis.

How long will the session last?

A session is usually 1 hour, but may be a little longer if there’s a lot of information to be gathered.

How much do sessions cost?

Cost for hypnotherapy sessions can vary depending on several factors including the number of sessions. Please contact me for more information and for a free consultation.

Is hypnotherapy safe for children?

Yes. Most children are in a constant state of hypnosis up to the age of 11. Their ability to use their imaginations to such a great extent is from being in this state. The sessions run slightly different from an adult session, but they receive terrific results.

Do hypnotherapists offer any seminars, workshops or events?

Yes. Seminars, workshops, and events are terrific ways to get life transforming information out to your groups, class’s, and organizations. Ranging from stress relief, Client relationships, and even Stage Hypnosis Shows to showcase the power of your minds, there is always a exciting reason to set your’s up now!

More questions?

Please contact me.

What People Are Saying

It’s rare to come across someone who focuses on healing from within using such a soothing and comforting method. After just one hypnosis session, I feel a mental clarity that has brought me one step closer to becoming my greatest self. Ron has opened my eyes to amazing possibilities that I’m able to achieve using the power of my mind, body and spirit. I recommend his kind and genuine services to anyone who is looking to improve any aspect of their lives. Schedule a session and see the world more beautiful than you ever have before.

Sincerely, T.L.S.

Ron is extraordinary! My experience with Ron was feeling completely safe and listened to. I felt he really understood me, without judging me. After our sessions I feel so happy & vibrant. I highly recommend Ron to anyone who is ready to achieve the dreams!

Thanks, I. Wilkinson