About Ron Soderstrom

Ron Soderstrom is tremendously dedicated to guiding and supporting his clients with compassion and knowledge which enables them to achieve happier and stress free lifestyles.


Success is chosen and created everyday. And the more refined your skills are for success, the the easier it will be to gain all the benefits of healthy living. Everyone can achieve happiness.

Ron Soderstrom – hypnosis coach

ron-skatingRon was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. As a very active youth, Ron traveled across the nation as a member of one of the top drum and bugle US corps bands where he performed before large audiences at many major events. In addition to his musical career, Ron also discovered he was exceptional gifted as a skateboarder where he achieved sponsorships from Zorlac Skateboards, Skate Rags and Fall Out Skateboarders where he tested and proved his skills for years as a competition skateboarder. During that time, Ron learned how to be successful through dedicated hard work and practice. It was during this time that Ron laid down his foundation for successful living.

In 2005, Ron moved to Kauai, Hawaii with his wife and two daughters where he became certified in The Egoscue Method©, a Postural Alignment Therapy that enabled him to heal his body after years of excessive use. Having achieved amazing results, Ron began teaching others to heal their bodies as well.

It was while helping others that Ron discovered his passion for coaching. He found as much satisfaction from helping others as he had from his own successes. This new passion fueled him into further studies of both the mind and body. Ron became certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) Practitioner; which uses a method of modifying our unconscious actions to be more success inclined, something Ron had been doing naturally as a Competitive Skateboarder.

Due to his success as an N.L.P., Ron decided to expand his client options by becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

As a competitive national skateboarder, I learned that my ability to focus my thoughts was as important as the health and stamina of my body. And that when both were in perfect sync, I could perform at my maximum. Hypnosis is perfect for the deepest meditation where unnecessary fears and doubts can be addressed and removed.

Ron Soderstrom – hypnosis coach

Ron now specializes in health and sports hypnosis coaching and training where he combines his past experiences and continual education to help others. He is also licensed as a Weight Loss Hypnosis Expert utilizing the Weight Loss Hypnosis Slender For Life© coaching program.

If you are looking to get a new edge on increasing your performance, living more healthily or even fighting phobias, Ron can help coach you to your success.

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Ron Soderstrom

Hypnosis Coach

Professional Hypnotherapy Wellness Coaching and Live Performances

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Looking to get involved with positive minded people? Join Ron live during many of his wellness activities and events which include:

icons orange-dancer-51px Dance

Both performing and teaching Hip Hop Fitness class’s. Giving others opportunities to break out of their shells and improve their health.

Join Ron For Hip Hop Classes

icon improve hypnosis live Comedy Improv

Performing professionally, as well as instructing groups how to loose their inhibitions and bond through laughter.

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icon-orange-aerial-silk Aerial Acrobatics

Taking his love of being suspended in the sky from his skating days and combining it with dance. He’s taken it all the way to Las Vegas being a spotlighted performer at The Orleans Casino.

Book an Aerial Acrobatics Show

icon-orange-stage-hypnosis Stage Hypnosis Shows

Ron saw an opportunity to allow others to be the Star of the show. To combine his talents in ways everybody personally gets to enjoy themselves. Will you be the next Star on his stage?

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I wanted to find my “Happy” and Ron has helped me achieve that! I really wanted help with losing weight because that is what I thought would make me Happy!  With just one session, Ron helped me to find my “Happy” place and I hadn’t even lost a pound yet!  I am currently on my way to losing weight and being “Happy”. As I drove away from our session, I saw the world in a whole new way I had never seen before!  All the colors were vibrant and everything seemed to have popped out at me!  I was calm…I am never calm!  I am a mother of three children the youngest is almost 2 years old.  I work a full-time plus job and spend most of my time commuting to work each day.  I no longer rush or get heated when things don’t go the way they should.  I look to self-hypnosis when I need a pick me up.  It is such a wonderful tool to learn and have.  Since our first session, my life has been calm.  I enjoy my family each day with a brand new spirit!  Thank you Ron for showing me how to find my “Happy” so that I can change my life for the better…forever!

Sincerely, Jennifer P.

Each and every one of us has an exceptional life to live. If you are ready to take yours to new limits, then let me help you make it happen!

Ron Soderstrom – hypnosis coach